Monday, January 25, 2016

"The Matain Ruins at Dawn" HIPA 2015 Finalist 2nd Stage Judging

"The Matain Ruins at Dawn"
Subic, Philippines
Finalist 2nd Stage Judging, HIPA 2015
The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards 2015 Dubai, UAE

Thank you for the opportunity to be one of the finalists of HIPA 2015 UAE. Truly a once in a lifetime experience to acknowledge my work in photography internationally. Congratulations to everyone who won! Mabuhay!

Festival Insider: Sagayan Festival of Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Sagayan Festival
Lanao del Norte, Philippines

It is a cultural event using as its base a Maranao dance performed during the "Araw ng Lanao del Norte" celebration participated by all the municipalities of the province. Sagayan depicts a war dance among the Maranaos. It showcases the colorful costumes in three tierred skirts, brightly coloured headgear of the women in the province. The dance involves leaping, turning, jumping, kicking and the rolling movements of a warrior ready to defend his master in battle. The "warriors" move in magic like trance and they believed that the motions drive away evil spirits while welcoming good fortune.

The photos shown in this post were taken during the Aliwan Fiesta in Manila, Philippines last April 2015.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thank you HIPA 2015!

The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards 2015

Good morning guys! I just want to share this good news that I have received today in my e-mail from my international photography contest that I have joined recently, The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards 2015.

Crossing my fingers to qualify for the FINAL Judging.

I will reveal the photograph once the result of the final judging has been release. For now, what I can give is a hint, the photo was taken in my hometown, Subic, Zambales, Philippines.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hours in Johor Bahru Malaysia

J O H O R   B A H R U

Finally, it's my off so I decided to go out for a street photowalk.
Having been recently based in Singapore, I have decided be bolder and
travel out of the country.
My collegaues and I decided to go to Johor Bahru Malaysia. A day trip
would be perfect for us since it's the best time to look for cheap deals
from the locals kiosks and experience the local dishes of Malaysia

We started our journey from Queenstown Street near Bugis MRT via Causeway Bus that sends us directly to Woodlands Checkpoint for our departure.
We were surprised with the long queue at Woodlands checkpoint, including
the local bus station at Johor Bahru.
Cliche as it maybe, but a picture paints a thousand words. Just look
at the downpour of excited tourists.

Groupie with the crowd

We had to wait for more than two hours just to enter JB. After five hours
worth of sweat, persistence and patience we have finally set foot on JB.
Can you imagine how painstaking it is? Take note, we left at around
8.30am and arrived safely at exactly 2.00pm.
Welcome to Malaysia!

Before we start walking around, we had our very late lunch at KFC, just to regain our energies that we used in that long trip.

Below are the photos that I have taken during our walk.

"Unknown Park"

"The Street Lady"

"Crossing the Street"


"From Behind"

"Red and Yellow"

"Jalan Jalan"


"JB Condiments"


"Shopping Center

"Hindu Temple"

"Unkown Symbol"

Heavy rain came out and I ended with this shot.
"Water Droplet"

"The happy kid from the wall painting"

Before we headed back to Singapore, we treated ourselves and 
savored the flavours of authentic Malaysian cuisine. "Hui Mui"
surprised us with these wonderful dishes. Truly a gastronomical escapade.
Fried Yee Mee Chicken

Fried Mee Shrimp

Hui Mui Hainan Beef

We also bought yummy banana cakes from Hiap Joo's Bakeshop.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Festival Insider: Sinulog Festival of Cebu City, Philippines

Sinulog Festival
Cebu City, Philippines

The Sinulog Festival is an annual cultural and religious festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, and is the center of Santo Nino Catholic celebrations in the Philippines. One of the main highlights of the festival is the grand street parade which lasts for 9 to 12 hours with participants coming from the different towns and cities of Cebu and from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao across the Philippines. The sinulog dance contingents are dressed in bright coloured costumes dancing gracefully to the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs.

Today is the start of the Fluvial procession of the miraculus image of Santo Nino and tomorrow will be the Grand Festival for this year's Sinulog Festival 2016 (17 January 2016).

Happy Sinulog Day!

This photo was taken last year, 2015 during the Aliwan Fiesta Streetdance competion in Manila, Philippines.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Photo Insider: The Smile and Colors

Kalivungan Festival
North Cotabato, Philippines

Kalivungan, a Maenuvu word which means "Gathering" or "festival" is now offcially adopted as the festivity title for the annual founding anniversary of the province of Cotabato, Philippines. It is a weeklong celebration highlighting cultural presentation, ethnic dances, rituals, music and native games showcasing the unique cultures and traditions of Cotabatenos.

A grand Festival filled with fun and exciting activities, feast of abundance and thanksgiving that encourages and ensures active participation and involvement of all people from the different sectors of society, thus strengthens the commitment towards culture harmony, peace and development, sustain solidarity and unity.

Featured Photo:
"The Smile and Colors"

Other Photos: 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Hello 2016!

Goodbye to 2015!
Another year has come for my travel journey! Thank you guys for your continuous support to my blog. Happy New Year!